I want to take the labels off of politics.

Why does the focus have to be on what "side" you’re on? We’re all neighbors. We want the same things: Thriving businesses, job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and more educational opportunities for our kids.

We want our families to live and thrive here, and not leave because it’s too expensive to stay.

Here are the issues and values that are most important to me to see change in our region:


We are facing a business exodus. The weight of taxes and regulation falls heavily on small and medium businesses which employ and create job opportunities for more than 6.7 million Californians throughout our state.

We need to be smart about how we tax our businesses -- they are not an endless pocket to bail out failing policies. They are the beating heart of our economy and we want them to flourish and grow, not leave our state.

Parents should be able to make important decisions for their families, not bureaucrats and lobbyists. From education to healthcare, empowered parents are the best guarantee for families to flourish and I want to see their freedoms protected, starting with how their kids will return to school this August.



Community safety means a lot of things. It means programs to help our kids grow and learn. It means integrated solutions for mental health and substance abuse. And it means a transparent and accountable police force. As the daughter of a police detective, I know the importance of law enforcement. I do not believe in defunding the police. I believe in accountability and transparency and community safety!


A split-roll repeal of Prop 13 will be massively expensive to enforce and costs will trickle down to the small and medium businesses that the measure claims to protect. We need more money in our classrooms, but this isn't a sustainable solution to fix our education system.


As we rebuild from COVID-19, we need more flexibility for jobs and innovators. Some of our legislators think that the freedom to choose your job is a diversion, a "lollipop" -- I don't. I believe everyone should have the right to provide for their families and I support independent contractors' right to do exactly that.

What is important to you?

Thank you for your willingness to help! Changing our state and our region starts with us!

My team will be in touch with you soon. I'm grateful for your support.
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